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Chomby Day Roundup


Polka Dot | Snot


eliz1bef, 03/22/2017, 1:26 pm NST
Is this based on someone I should know? It feels very Iggy Azalea, but I don't keep up with the kid's music these days. Surely she's not supposed to be Beyonce?

ducky - JN Staff, 03/22/2017, 1:43 pm NST
RIP Stealthy Chomby! At least Idon't have to repaint my chombs.

ummy - JN Staff, 03/22/2017, 2:36 pm NST
Still waiting for more candy/marble pets

purplebin, 03/22/2017, 2:46 pm NST
This does seem to be a very specific outfit, and is probably based on an image somewhere like the Gelert pom-pom outfit (that still isn't activated).

mellygirl123, 03/22/2017, 3:46 pm NST
That outfit though!!! I'm actually considering getting a Chomby now because of this.

drzoidberg, 03/22/2017, 4:02 pm NST
That outfit is incredible I love it - makes me consider getting a chomby next!

josie, 03/22/2017, 5:07 pm NST
Gorgeous outfit! It looks amazing on the white Chomby.

beyondelsewhere, 03/22/2017, 5:27 pm NST
I kind of love the polka dotted Chomby and I have never been a big Chomby fan.

lacrossechik, 03/23/2017, 4:11 am NST
chombys are the BOMB!!! I have two - a pastel and an ice, and they're just gorgeous my favorite thing about the customs is that wigs for the most part look universally fab.

The earrings and coat are pretty awesome here - well done TNT.

The polka dot is so cute!!

lacrossechik, 03/23/2017, 4:18 am NST
The curled updo wig on a chomby is (in my opinion) hands down the best wig on a pet those of you considering - take the plunge!!

theelementsofharmony, 03/24/2017, 1:34 pm NST
The outfit... looks.. really terrible. lol

morganjoisle, 03/25/2017, 4:36 pm NST
Ooooh I really love the lipstick with that outfit!

The image feels vaguely familiar, like I've seen a person wearing that outfit before. Maybe the look is just similar to something I've seen in fashion magazines, though. ^^

morganjoisle, 03/25/2017, 4:37 pm NST
@theelementsofharmony: My main complaint with the outfit is that the chomby really doesn't have a lot of layers on. Like, I can see the style the look is going for - very fashionista - but at the same time, some shoes, maybe some pants and a top or a dress would normally be worn under that ensemble. It feels rather incomplete, especially without a bag or other hand held item.

vaporesque, 03/27/2017, 11:13 pm NST
@morganjoisle I thought the same about fashion mags. Esp. with those gold earings and lipstick ... very on trend.

theelementsofharmony, 03/30/2017, 4:52 pm NST
@morganjoisle: to me it just looks... so.. tacky?? like it looks so out of place and just.. bad. lol

neopians, 03/30/2017, 11:49 pm NST
Is this supposed to resemble marijke helwegen?

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