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Wardrobe Wars - Round 44

We're back for round 44 of Wardrobe Wars! If you're unfamiliar with this contest, this is Wardrobe Wars, and we take submissions from you to be featured on the Wardrobe Hub!

What do I need to do?
  • Register for a jnAccount on our main site, and then register for an account on our forums.
  • Head on over to our Wardrobe App, and start customising your pet!
  • When finished, save the outfit, using the appropriately-named "Save Outfit" button and copy the link for the next step. (And rename your outfit to match the theme.)
  • Visit the Wardrobe Wars board and fill out the short entry form.

Submissions will be open until the 7th at 11:59PM NST, after which the entries will be reviewed, and those selected will be uploaded to our carousel on the 10th! Winners also receive the shiny trophy at the top of this post. You may submit as many outfits as you'd like.

This month's theme is Neopia World Tour: Faerieland, so please check it out on the forums!

If you happen to come across an item that should be in Wardrobe but doesn't appear, please submit a bug report so we can look into it.

Best of luck!

dave - JN Staff, 03/1/2017, 2:47 pm NST
QUICK POLL: We're considering eliminating the requirement that you post your entry on the JN forums and instead you would submit your outfit via a form on the main site here.

You would no longer need a forum account to participate. Would this increase the chances of anyone deciding to participate?

tyuio_k50, 03/2/2017, 9:59 am NST
^Yes. That makes much more sense too.

holothurion, 03/3/2017, 8:01 am NST
I also agree with the proposal revealed by my namesake, and thus, I second the motion.

kitkatmeeoow, 03/6/2017, 9:06 am NST
I don't know if having to have a forum account itself keeps people away since it only takes a couple seconds to create one, but I do know I have purposely not submitted ideas because I felt they were too close in theme to someone else's even if I used completely different items. I have also held back at times because I thought my ideas were mediocre compared to some of the things other people thought up so I never bothered to even create a look.

I finally learned to start not looking at any of the other submissions till I completely finished at least my first one.

On the downside, I genuinely do enjoy looking at all the submissions (even when not entering) cause my tastes will sometimes be different than other peoples so without them being posted on the forums there are some submissions that I would have completely missed out seeing because it was not picked by the judges.

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