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Next Gram is Live

The next Sweetheart Gram has been released to the NC Mall! The The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram is available to purchase.

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We still need models for several of the items, so why not help us out?

duckywucky - JN Staff, 02/10/2017, 11:00 am NST
So pretty items <3

purplebin, 02/10/2017, 5:30 pm NST
looking at the wig modeled on different pets it seems to me that they didn't try to change it at all to fit each one. It looks like the same shape each time, just a different size if necessary. Really awful on some.

cat, 02/10/2017, 5:56 pm NST
This Gram has a lot of nice items. Is it just me or do they consistently do better with the "gothic" grams than they do with the traditional valentines grams?

cat, 02/10/2017, 5:57 pm NST
@purplebin - I agree on the wig. The design looks like it should be a really nice thing, but they don't seem to have taken the time to fit it to the different pets' skull shapes so it looks really awkward on a lot of species.

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