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Wardrobe Wars - Round Twelve Results!

The results of the latest Wardrobe Wars forum comptetion are finally here! Did your favourite make it on to our Wardrobe Hub? We'll be back in May for another round! :D

While you're in Wardrobe, why not check out our Modeling Department to see if you can lend a hand with any of the item previews we're missing. We'll give you points and trophies for your jnAccount while you're there!

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NC Mall Fortune Cookies Sale

From now until Sunday, the NC Mall is having a sale on item fortune cookies! For this weekend only, current item awarding cookies and previously retired batches are now half price!

If you happen to open one of the cookies, we still need to gather fortunes for our Fortune Cookies guide. If you get a fortune we don't know about, let us know about it, but make sure to tell us which cookie you opened!

Note: This sale is only applying to item awarding fortune cookies, not site feature based ones like Quests or Lab Ray.

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Adventure in Pastel Mystery Capsule

Those of you with access to Future Fashions will now see the Adventure in Pastel Mystery Capsule on sale for 150 NC! If you open it, you'll have the chance at obtaining one of three brand-new pastel bonus items!

We needs lots of models for these new items, so if you can lend a hand please visit our Modeling Department to submit your pets! Be sure to check if there is anything else you can help with while you're over there!

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Bloomin' Neggs Is Back!

Update: Our guide is now available!

Bloomin' Neggs 2014 Guide (NC)

Bloomin' Neggs has returned again this year! This NC event lets participants spend 20 days growing four different plants - which award new NC items along the way! It looks to follow the same pattern as last year, so check out our 2013 Guide while we work on this year's guide!

This event will run between April 3rd and April 22nd, 2014, and will award a bonus item if you participate in all 20 days. You can view the full FAQ or check out our quick recap below!

  • What is Bloomin' Neggs?
    Bloomin' Neggs is an NC Mall event where you grow Neggs to receive NC item prizes daily! There will be four Planting Kits that will be released at the NC Mall during this event. Each kit can be used to grow a specific pot of Bloomin' Neggs. Each pot will have five stages of growth to care and collect prizes for. Once you activate your Planting Kits, visit the Bloomin' Neggs page to begin the fun.

  • What is the duration of Bloomin' Neggs?
    Bloomin' Neggs will run from April 3rd through April 22nd. You can participate any time within that period by purchasing Planting Kits in the NC Mall.

  • Can I collect item prizes for days that have passed?
    Yes, prizes can be collected on days that have passed or on that day. Simply click on the pot to activate your Planting Kit and begin claiming your prizes. If your pot turns yellow after you claim a prize that means there are more prizes for you to collect. There are a total of five stages for each plant.

  • Can I participate in Bloomin' Neggs on my side account(s)?
    Yes, you can participate in Bloomin' Neggs on your side accounts.

  • I purchased a Planting Kit, how do I get my prizes?
    Simply visit the Bloomin' Neggs page and click on the corresponding pot that matches your Planting Kit. Once you activate your Planting Kit you can now begin growing your Neggs! Be sure to come back daily to grow and collect your NC item prizes!

  • I'm trying to activate an additional Planting Kit, why isn't working?
    It's possible you have already activated the same Planting Kit. You will only be able to activate each Planting Kit once.

  • Will I receive a bonus item for participating in Bloomin' Neggs?
    Yes, you will receive a bonus item prize if you have participated and activated all four Planting Kits. As you activate each Planting Kit, the Negg on the right side of the page will slowly bloom. Once you activate your fourth Planting Kit, you will be able to unlock your exclusive bonus prize!

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April NC Collectible

The first item from the new Merchant's Best Collection has now been released, and features Battle Supplies shopkeeper, Remnok. This wrap will only be available during April.

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