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New Mystery Capsule Adventure

The Mystery Capsule Adventure has returned! This year's theme is Dreams and Nightmares.

For these Mystery Capsules, each will only contain 4 Limited Edition items. The items for this first capsule are:

We need models for the above items, so help us out if you can!

The remaining Capsules will be:

  • Dream Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule

  • Dream Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule

  • Best of Dreams Mystery Capsule


  • Nightmare Lands Mystery Capsule

  • Nightmare Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule

  • Nightmare Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule

  • Worst Nightmare Mystery Capsule

Bonus LEs for this event will be awarded only from purchasing Capsules. No bonuses will be awarded from collecting all LEs from capsules. There will be one bonus for buying one of each of the nightmare and dreams sets, and another for purchasing one of all eight capsules. You can read the FAQ here.

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Limited Edition Gold Kyrii Key Quest Token

Neopians with access to Future Fashions can now purchase the Limited Edition Gold Kyrii Key Quest Token for 400 NC. This is the third time this token has been available, and comes with a brand new bonus item! With this release, the previous bonus item, Golden Boa, has now retired.

If you can preview this item on your pets, please visit our Modeling Department to lend a hand!

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New Dyeworks - Mutant Pets

Dyeworks has released a new batch of items today - all for mutant pets. These items will retire from Dyeworks at the end of August, so get them while you can! Our Dyeworks guide has now been updated with the new items.

We need models for all of the above items, so why not help us out? But wait! There's more! We also still need some models for all of the base items these dyeworks come from - if you have them, we'd also love you to model as well!

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Happy 10th Birthday, Jellyneo!

We're 10 years old today! Waaaayyyyy back in 2004, Jellyneo started as a rather small fansite with no game guides, a few unreleased news findings, and a couple of image viewers. We've grown a bit since then.

So far this year, we've served well over 800,000 visitors, across seven major departments that contain:
  • A complete Item Database
  • A Wardrobe to come up with ways to dress your pet
  • Our massive Book of Ages, housing everything you'd want to know about Neopian lore
  • A Battlepedia for all your battling needs
  • A community of fellow Neopians (which you should sign up for!)
  • A database listing all the Neopets images you could want to find
  • And, of course, our main site, with over 4,000 pages of game guides, articles, and other Neopian help
Our big birthday surprise this year was a revamped Book of Ages, but we have more to come. Over the next year, we'll be slowly but surely revamping the rest of Jellyneo to have one unified layout with the goal of making it easier to find everything Jellyneo has to offer.

Here are some previews of what's to come:

After 10 years of success, we want to thank YOU our trusty visitor who has come back day after day, month after month, and year after year to make use of the Neopian help we provide. Without your feedback, suggestions and ideas, we wouldn't be nearly as prolific and useful. (And even the bug reports! We love fixing things!)

So thanks for visiting, and here's to 10 more years of Jellyneo! :)

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MiniMME19 Has Morphed!

MiniMME19 has morphed, and without any of the issues suffered last time!

View our MME Guide! »

As usual, we still need quite a few models for these items. If you can help out, please head over to our Modeling Department to submit your pets! If you still want to help us, you can check for anything else we need so you can preview the items within the Wardrobe!

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  • Dream Darigan Armour Dream Dark Faerie Wings Dream Pirate Tricorne Hat
  • Dream Deserted Fairground Background Knotted Yarn Garland Dazzling Star Sword
  • Mod Flower Vase Foreground Dark Mutant Lantern Golden Sparkle Trousers