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Costume Contest: Two Days Left for Round 2

There are only two days left to pick your favorite costumes in round 2 of our Costume Contest! Go vote!

You are given three votes, and you may vote for whichever costumes made it to this round. (The top rated 75 pets from round 1 moved on. If your costume didn't make it, never fear! It could show up as a staff pick at the end! ) The 30 pets receiving the most votes will move on to our final round for a chance at at the top spot and a trophy.

You may vote for three different Neopets, three of the same pets, or however you want to spread your votes around! You may not vote for yourself.

As a reminder, please only use one jnAccount to vote. Each year, we disqualify a handful of people that make the contest unfair by voting on several accounts. We are also silently discarding your votes if you used more than one jnAccount to vote in round one.

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