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Vote for the Best Neopet Creation!

Contest Rules & Schedule

In honor of April, we are hosting our annual Build-a-Species competition! As you probably know by now, we have a crazy species builder in our Wardrobe, which allows you to piece together Neopet body parts, such as an Aisha head on a Poogle body. Our contest is to see who can build the best one!

Last year's first place winner, Nazwrath , by Love


Here's the schedule for the contest:

  • April 5th: Entries open. To see how to submit, see below.
  • April 12th: Last day to submit an entry.
  • April 15th: Voting will open! We'll have you rate all the entries either "Yay" or "Nay".
  • April 25th: Last day to rate all the entries!
  • April 26th: Results revealed and jnAccount trophies awarded!


Here are a few rules for everyone:

  1. You may only submit one creation. Make it your best one!
  2. Give your creation a name before submitting.
  3. Your creation must be a completely original creation. You obviously cannot submit our "Random Creations" or someone else's work! (If you notice someone not adhering to these rules that we missed--let us know!)
  4. Do not submit "crosspainted" pets (e.g. a purple Aisha with alien Aisha ears). We want new species, remember!

How to Submit

Follow these steps to submit your entry:

  1. Log in or register a jnAccount to get started.
  2. Build your new species of Neopet in our Build-a-Species tool.
  3. Click on "Save" to save your creation to your jnAccount.
  4. Make sure your entry follows all of the rules above and that you're happy with it!
  5. Click on "Submit a Creation", select which one you'd like to submit, and voila! Your entry will be reviewed by JN Staff and put up to a vote.


We have a few jnAccount trophies and trophy cabinets to give away.

  • Rate all the entries! You'll receive a jnAccount trophy if you rate all of the entries.
  • Enter a pet! If you enter a creation, you'll receive your choice of a new trophy cabinet.
  • Winning the vote! We'll be awarding our standard gold/silver/bronze/runner-up trophies to all of the creations who place in the final standings.

And if you'd like some inspiration, check out our 2014 winners!

The Quoggle by frenchy764

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