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Latest Customisation News

Sweetheart Gram Retired Mystery Capsule

The latest re-release capsule is now available at the NC Mall featuring items from old Sweetheart Grams!

The item is currently for sale in the general Mall for all Neopians (not listed only in Future Fashions at time of writing).

Sweetheart Grams

Sweetheart Grams have returned to the NC Mall! The first gram is now available:

Update: The LE appears to now be being awarded.

Special Note This Year: In the new Beta Inventory, items are now grouped together rather than listed individually. For items like Sweetheart Grams, this makes it difficult to know if you have an LE-awarding gram, should you have multiple grams in your inventory at once. For the time being, you may wish to only have one gram in your inventory at a time, or use the workaround to access the pre-beta inventory.

There will be an additional two Grams released this year. They will contain the following items:

February NC Collectible

The third item for the Lost in Space II Collection has been released, and features Evil Fuzzles! This item will only be available during February.

January Recap: Wearables & Modeling

Ogrin: Cosmonaut | Aisha: Moth Queen | Gnorbu: Mountainous
Buzz: Tundra | Elephante: Savanna | Kacheek: Explorer

Fans of the Happiness Faerie will be delighted with this month's Neopoint wearable.

The community bonus for Stocking Stufftacular was awarded.

Participants at this year's Neopies VIP Raffle were awarded the hottest items of the season!

Get wrapped up for winter with the Frosted Winter Mystery Capsule.

Several new items were released on general sale at the NC Mall.

And as always, rounding out the month are the collectibles!

We still need a lot of these item previews for our Wardrobe App, so please head on over to our Modeling Department if you can lend a hand! Additionally there are also items that need a Remodel for updated assets or zoning. Your help and support ensures Wardrobe is up to date, and we really appreciate all your hard work!

Kacheek Day Roundup

Happy Kacheek Day! Here's what's new for this species:

Oil Paint

A new clothing set is also now active: