The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe

Welcome to Jellyneo's Wardrobe—your source for Neopets wearable previews, paint brush customisation options, outfit making, and more!

Latest Customisation News

Gelert Day Roundup

Another year, another special Gelert Day! Here's a new colour for this courageous Neopet:


A new clothing set is also now active:

New St. Patrick's Day Themed Mystery Capsules

Two new Mystery Capsules are on sale in the NC Mall. The first is a re-release capsule featuring Green shop related items:

(And let us know what you get if you open one! Send a Report)

The second capsule is a regular limited edition item capsule featuring green-themed items:

At time of writing, both of these capsules seem to be on sale in the normal Mall (no Future Fashions).

Uni Day Roundup

It's time to celebrate Uni Day, and what better way than with a new colour:


A new clothing set is also now active:

March NC Collectible

The fourth item for the Lost in Space II Collection has been released, and features robot Petpets! This item will only be available during March.


A new Mysterious Morphing Experiment has been released at the NC Mall!

This MME has two IDs, and from the description is likely to follow two themed paths (one around good Faeries, and the other around the... not so good).

Previews: Three additional backgrounds, a wand, a dress, auras/markings, a cloud, and a petpet trinket/foreground. For those interested in collecting for galleries, these likely will be themed around specific Faerie characters.