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Latest Customisation News

MME Re-Release Capsule

A new Mystery Capsule was released at the NC Mall, a re-release capsule for MME items!

This capsule is also available in 5- and 10-bundle forms, but each bundle comes with bonus capsules. That means if you buy the 5-bundle item, you'll receive 5 of the new MME capsules in your inventory, along with 1 free bonus capsule, for a total of 6. (The 10-bundle form gives 13 total individual MME capsules.)

To see what's inside this capsule, take a look at our guide below:

And if you open up the new capsule and receive something not listed on our guide, let us know!

As a note of caution, a re-release MME capsule was also released in 2018 by the name of Retired MME Mystery Capsule. That capsule will continue to award MMEs released up to 2018, but the prize pool likely hasn't changed to include the 2019 and 2020 MMEs. Trade capsules with caution.

Chomby Day Roundup

Happy Chomby Day! A new colour is now available:


A new sweet based outfit is also now available:

Scorchio Day Roundup

It's Scorchio Day, and here's what's new for this fire-breather:


A new clothing set is also now active:

Unconverted Pet Exploit

Earlier today, a user let the cat out of the bag on an exploit cheaters have been using to generate, among other things, new Unconverted Pets. TNT are now actively investigating the issue and deleting/converting pets that have been found to have been created using the exploit. They have posted on the Official Neoboard about the issue.

Hey Neopians!

As we're sure some of you are aware, a site issue has surfaced involving unconverted pets. Our team is aware of the situation and actively finding solutions for it.

As a reminder, there are no official channels for the creation of new unconverted pets. Any pets directly tied to this recent issue that have been illegally unconverted will be returned to their original states once the issue is resolved. Additionally, any user found to be tampering with pet conversion in their own or other users' accounts will be banned and frozen.

We've implemented a fix for the issue, and we'll be continuing to patch and monitor the situation over the next few days. We appreciate your patience as we get everything sorted out!

(We're also aware of the high demand for unconverted pets, and have been looking into solutions to properly implementing them back into the game while keeping things fair for the existing community. We'll circle back with more news later this year!)


This is a marked departure from previous statements, which have always maintained UC pets would be too difficult to bring back in any form (though today’s exploit seems to illustrate that it perhaps wasn’t as complex after all). We’ll keep you informed of any updates.

TNT Staff member Gutterfoot also briefly appeared on the r/neopets Discord to add a few things:

we're so tired... but it really is happening, we've been talking about bringing back UCs for a while

In relation to giving 'old' UCs some form of identification:

we did talk about doing something similar to what league does with their skins, so it's not out of the realm of possibility!

(This quote likely refers to League of Legends and the Chroma system it uses for palette swapped character skins, similar to how Dyeworks operates on Neopets. It is unclear just how this would relate to UCs at this stage)

New Dyeworks

New spring Dyeworks have been released at the NC Mall! They will be available until April 2nd.