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The Wardrobe

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Latest Customisation News

Winter Premium Loyalty Gift

Premium users are slowly receiving a wearable frame featuring this year's Advent animation frame. The item is being sent via Neomail this afternoon, similar to the monthly collectibles.

Dear [username],

As a thank you for being a Premium subscriber. TNT wants you to have this holiday gift!

Check your inventory for your new item.

Advent Calendar Y22 Frame : Feel the festive cheer this year with the exclusive Advent Calendar frame granted in Y22 to Premium users.

Yours Sincerely,
The Neopets Team

New Winter Dyeworks

A selection of new Dyeworks have been released for winter! These will be available until January 1st.

Bruce Day Roundup

To celebrate Bruce Day, a new colour option and a Barbarian themed clothing set is now active:


Changes Coming to Foreign Neocash Cards

TNT has posted a lengthy update regarding international Neocash cards and the amount of Neocash that redeeming the card will deposit into your account. The changes will take affect on December 9th.

Previously some countries, particularly Brazil, were able to get NC cards that awarded high amounts of Neocash, but due to the difference in the local currency compared to USD, were very relatively cheap. For example, you could frequently find 2,000 NC Brazilian cards (sold as R$20.00 in Brazilian currency) for $10 USD or less, more than 50% off how much you would spend to purchase the equivalent card in the USA. Going forward, that same Brazilian NC card will only deposit 750 NC for R$20.00.

Here's the full list of card values and the amount of Neocash they will be worth starting on December 9, 2020:

A £5 card will grant your account 750 NC (U.K. only).
A £20 card will grant your account 3000 NC (U.K. only).
A $10 card will grant your account 1,000 NC. (U.S. & Canada only)
A $15 card will grant your account 1,500 NC. (U.S. only)
A $25 card will grant your account 2,500 NC. (U.S. & Canada only)
A R$20 card will grant your account 750 NC. (Brazil only) [Previously 2,000 NC]
A $10 card will grant your account 850 NC (Australia only)
A $10 card will grant your account 650 NC (New Zealand only)
A $150 card will grant your account 1,000 NC (Mexico only)

From the Neoboards, December 3, 2020

You have until December 9th to redeem your existing Neocash cards at the old values. On December 9th, the new values posted above will take hold, and your cards will likely be worth less.

If you have recently purchased a Neocash card and you are unsure if you have purchased a high valued Brazilian card, we highly recommend that you redeem it ASAP to get the prior advertised value:

After December 9th, your unredeemed Neocash card may be worth less NC!

You can find official Neocash card retailers right on Neopets.

Stocking Stufftacular

The Stocking Stufftacular has entered its pre-sale period this year at the NC Mall!

As with previous years, a stocking must be activated and hung by midnight the night before it is due to be awarded in order to qualify for the item. This means that the first stocking this year must be hung by midnight on December 7th.

Have you redeemed a Rare Item Code lately? We are looking to confirm the item prizes from Rare Item Codes received from the recent Geekify and What's Your Passion merchandise drops, and specifically, which items came from which pieces of merchandise. If you redeemed a code recently, please let us know: